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Endangered Wildlife


Scorton lakes Nature Reserve is home to a diversity of birds from Arctic Terns to the Collared Dove many are on the red and amber endangered list. There are 157 species of birds 32 of which are on the red list and 44 on the amber list. This means that 54% of all the birds are of significant concern. 

roe deer.jpg


​Scorton Lakes Nature Reserve is home to14 species of mammals including; 11 species of Bat. Badgers, Otters, Brown Hare, and Roe Deer can all be seen.


Scorton Lakes Nature Reserve has many varied Invertebrates, including rare species of Dragonflies such as the Small Redeye Damsel Fly, Red veined Darter, Lesser Emperor and Emperor.


It also includes 28 various species of wasps, bees, beetles, moths, including  the rare Cinnabar moth. There are also 22 species of butterfly, 2 of which are on the red list, The Wall Brown, and White Letter Hairstreak.

Bee Orchid


There are more than 20,000 trees plus 120 species of plants which include Bee Orchid, Black Knapweed, Birds Foot Trefoil, and Common spotted orchid.

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